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Our company offers you the opportunity to get casino tax rebates. This is a completely legal process that deals with the IRS and many other government agencies, on your behalf. There are hundreds of people that sit for hours on the phone with the IRS and still get no answers and no satisfaction. If you live in and are a citizen of a country other than the United States, have a valid government issued identification card and won money while gambling in the United States, you can get casino tax rebates in most cases. Casino tax rebates are the amount of money that was withheld from your winnings, before they were even handed to you. Remember when you won the money, an attendant asked you about your citizenship? When he or she reported back to the cashier with this information since you are not a United States citizen, there was 30% of your money withheld for the IRS withholding tax. Why should you have to pay taxes in the United States when you don’t live there?

Any winnings of more than $600 from a lottery have the 30% withholding tax taken out. Any winnings in the US of more than $1,200 from bingo or slot machines will also have that withholding tax taken out. If you won more than $1,500 from keno or more than $600 from dog races, horse races or jai alai or won any money from poker, we can help. The fact that your citizenship alone causes you to have to pay a tax is ludicrous. Our company thinks that you should be able to keep all of your winnings in your pocket. Therefore, we offer casino tax rebates. Casino tax rebates are simply getting you back the money that was kept from you in withholding taxes.

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