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Casino tax refunds are commonly overlooked because many people do not understand the tax laws surrounding gaming or gambling winnings. There are a few forms the IRS uses to give to all players who win money, and the casino tax refunds are comprised of these forms. If you win more than $600 from any lottery or other betting transactions where the winnings are at least the amount of how much you bet, if you win $1,200 of more from slots or bingo; if you win more than $1,500 playing keno; you win more than $600 from horse races, dog races or jai alai or any winnings you may get from playing poker you can use our gaming

Our company will get the proper forms 1042-S that is sent to all winning players as well as sent to the IRS by the casino. We will take care of all the submissions and completion of all forms required to get your money back for you. In just a few short steps, our company will work on your behalf to get up to 30% of your withholding taxes back. Since you are required to pay up to 30% withholding tax on all these winnings, don’t you think you should be able to get some of it back? The US-Canada Treaty creates a loophole where any resident of Canada that visits the United States and gambles can recoup some of their losses through a gambling tax refund. However, there are few who can claim the tax refund and you have to know whether or not you can get your rebate.

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