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Later issuing Lottery started up in Thailand during the King. Reign of King Rama V to 5, with a western British “Teacher R ล Bass Peter” leadership style comes from a European lottery prize. Be the first release called “lotteries” His Majesty King Rama V reign of His Majesty the King graciously pleased royal permission to guard the regimental lottery for the first time in Thailand in year 2417 as the royal. His anniversary ceremony. It aims to help foreign merchants with their products at the show. Organized museum buildings Kong Arcadia. The Grand Palace.

The reign of King Rama Rama 6 visit, HE graciously. Local lottery to quit successfully announced on April 1, 2459, however people still secretly play lottery together until now. Number of awards through the end of the Lottery to pay awards for playing illegal lottery recant after the year 2460 and the last address During World War 1 UK, a country allied wish to borrow money from Thailand for use in war But can not borrow directly from the Thai government. Because it would affect the budget. Council of British patriotism. Policies are borrowing from the public by issuing lotteries. Will be received by Royal permission from His Majesty King Rama.

In the year 2466 and the royal permission to leave. “Scout million lottery” for income maintenance Division. Scout volunteers. This type of a million, sales No. 1 baht which way the lot in those days, only the number of the prize packed box solid and add to jar the sort of figure of ten hundred thousand thousand hundred before the awards director. will draw to note that this is how the prize. Then the members pick out cartridge packaging lines before the Board and people open until All the awards shall be completed for the Award Winning such.

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