PostHeaderIcon Italian Gambling Law: Italians Are Training With The First Full Legal Online Poker Platform

The name is very simple: Poker School. It ‘s the name for the Italian club School.It’ s platform in the first line of full legal sledgehammer to the players of Italian club, developed and built by Italian online sports players, in collaboration Capecod and with the Italian association PokerPro “of the bat, the bat of the game is limited in Italy and you can not even offer the club in the Texas Hold ’em,” said Stefano Science, director of marketing for PokerPro, the first Association of Italian club line, “but now it is possible to train and the bat of the game, thanks to our school of Poker” ( If you want to learn how to play the club online, you can try the software first of the Italian club, which is generated for the Italian market. The entire software was created by Capecod (, the company from Castel Bolognese (RA) famous for creating bet that many of the platform and has already entered the tricks of the FAIR ENDADA of Rimini, with the cooperation of the PokerPro (


The platform is entirely “made in Italy” (from the creation, administration) data assistants also are located in Italy and the domain is local supplies Italian domain (. It) one. lovers of the bat Texas Hold ’em on the experience in a game and the legal possibility to have better technique is the first platform game that respects the full particulars of monopolies Iitalian (AAMS), those means that as monopolies Italianl allow the publication of game platforms through which you can play Texas Hold ’em to the club, the Concessionaires with the authorization Italian will offer through the platform Capecod their own room online of the bat, similar in the way the game offered by the Registry of and is completely free and, in addition to the school grant approach, you enter to make part of the line in Italian sports players (ASIGO). Thanks to you can also organize your own room of the club, trying the platform with your friends and test not only your skills but also the platform.

There are no money played and the stakes are simply satisfied to prove to be the best. The mode of participation in the game is very simple: all players participating in a table of the club have the same amount in integrated circuit and in the game until that one only one player has won all integrated circuits for everyone else. To the normal ranges, the blind rise, increasing the plate and making the game more intense. The players that exaust the integrated circuit does not have “the opportunity, to recharge” in no way their client. Each player receives weekly, and for other independent virtual “chip” on his personal score by the system. It isn ‘t possible in any other way to buy chips. The winner can not convert the money into integrated circuits. Roncolo Mauro, president of Capecod, said: “The platform that we ‘the VE was developed to is the first point of tricks for the Italian market, we’ re rady for the new Italian law of the game with our platform gaming;. ASIGO (the Association of Italian online players) and the pairing of PokerPro widespread and not only organize tours online poker, but also “tours” of sports club, the Italian sense to offer Texas tension in Hold ’em Poker for.

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