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The thrill of winning at online casinos is overwhelming. But for a great many players this remains out of their reach. And the reasons for this are simple: games like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and the like tend to intimidate players with their complex strategies, and rules of play. Fortunately, that’s all about to change because instant games are your ticket to the big-time. Players can enjoy the likes of Darts, Bold and Beautiful, Memory Madness, Deuces Wild, Keno, Royal Poker, Dancing Domino and Blackjack Classic, direct from the comforts of home – in a free-play mode.  These games provide players with instant wins , and there are 130 of these games to choose from!

The Global Popularity of Instant Games

Instant games are plenty popular with players across the United Kingdom, continental Europe and beyond. At the click of a button, it’s possible to be playing your choice of themed scratchcard games, slots, or other games in an instant. Strategy doesn’t even feature with these games, and each successive outcome is independent of the prior outcome. This means that you can keep on winning, regardless of how often you play. Every 1 in 3 scratchcard games is a winner at OKscratchcards. And with some 130 classic titles to choose from – instant wins are guaranteed!

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