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I lost count of the emails asking me where are organized poker games live. I tell them that this is prohibited and they do not understand that there are websites that advertise meetings or small tournaments in some cities. Unfortunately poker is considered routinely as a game of chance and gambling are prohibited in France (Act No. 83-628 of 12 July 1983) unless special permission of the Prefecture for a tournament. I doubt that all of the tournaments advertised on the Internet all have a permit, proof, several sites are closed each year.Fotolia_10541095_Subscription_L

As usual, France can be proud to own in this area the greatest legal limbo that is.
In simple terms, the law prohibits the practice of gambling establishments outside sworn namely casinos. The problem is that there is no precise definition of what constitutes gambling, or, failing that, an accurate list of games involved. However, an accurate list would be a really bad solution because it would bring to controversy over many games, so that a clear definition would highlight the games concerned, and therefore those who would not! To concentrate on the game that interests us, poker, looking for a legal definition of gambling. There are not any!

Francis Montmirel remarked to me that the problem was solved for a judicial decision of May 28, 1930 (May 28, 1930 Case of the Criminal Division, DH 1930.397): “So are games of chance, poker, bingo games () small horses (). ”
Yes, except that the courts have no force of law, no court is obliged to follow the conclusions of this decision in 1930 during another trial. One may also wonder about the fact that no other jurisdiction has been notified of the problem since 1930, while daring to make a different decision.

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