Vi si trovano anche un ristorantino ed un bar.

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Benché per chi non vuole la bagnasciuga è possibile optare anche per soluzioni alternative come Shirley Heights con un panorama che toglie il fiato, la zona storica di Nelson Dockyard. The walk will take one and a half hours. Antigua remained under the rule of the English www. Creativity and innovation are mixed and matched with Caribbean tradition to offer you the moment of a lifetime. The beach slopes gently down into crystal-clear waters. If under age 18, written authorisation from parents or guardians is required. In April and May Curtain Bluff Resort hosts this event where tennis enthusiasts may be surprised and excited to play with some very well known tennis champions. Insects are rare whereas the croak of the green tree frog can be heard often.


This lovely beach is reached from the village of Old Road. Per gli amanti della natura, molte le attività da fare: dalle passeggiate, alla esplorazione di spiagge incontaminate, allo starsene in relax osservando i pellicani in picchiata o le indaffarate lucertole. This is a ten day event that begins in the last week of July and ends during the first week of August.

Rari gli insetti, diffuse le raganelle verdi con il loro tipico gracidio. The Caribs conquered and occupied all the lands of the Arawaks. The nature lover can hike unspoiled hillsides and remote beaches, explore the national parks and the frigate bird sanctuary or relax on a lounger and watch the busy lizards or the diving pelicans. He was transporting a mercantile of saplings to plant on the islands in order to provide low-cost food for the slaves working on the sugar plantations. Although Colombus never landed on Antigua he named the island in honour of Santa Maria de la Antigua, the saint he worshipped in Seville. The soera abituale soggiornare a St. The festival features colourful parades, Carnival queen pageants, the local calypso, soca and steel pan music competitions and live entertainment on the streets.

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In AD their peaceful existence was disturbed by the arrival of a warlike tribe from the Amazon forest, the Caribs. He was followed by the English, French and Dutch, who fought for dominion over the islands. Gabriella Zocca, memorie di Bologna. Terzo assegnato per Diodato.


To help you organise all aspects of your wedding you can hire a professional wedding designer agency that will take care of everything you may need. Gli Arawak facevano uso di tabacco fumato con un particolare esemplare di pipa o arrotolato in sigari e di un liquore ricavato dal mais. In Novemberdi coltivazione.

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